TR Coaching Program - Module 2

Module 2 of the "True Riches" program is an advanced course tailored for business people and entrepreneurs striving to deepen their journey with God while unlocking true riches. Focused on leadership, prayer, and impactful living, this module equips participants with practical strategies and spiritual insights to elevate their leadership skills, strengthen their prayer life, and make a meaningful difference in their communities. By integrating biblical principles with real-world applications, participants are empowered to align their professional endeavors with God's intended riches, embracing a Godly approach to success that encompasses spiritual fulfillment, purpose, and lasting impact.

True Riches

Module 2

Meet the Instructor: Frank Hechavarria

pastor and coach

Frank Hechavarria is a passionate speaker, mentor and business coach with a deeply rooted faith in Christianity. His strong beliefs that faith and business can coexist together has led him to mentor many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners seeing them align their professional goals with spiritual values.

Frank Hechavarria

Senior Instructor

Features and Benefits

Module 2 - True Riches Coaching Program

Module 2 is an advanced comprehensive and transformative 9-week business group coaching program designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to integrate their faith to their business endeavors.  

Through a series of classes; live zoom calls, and personalized coaching calls; this course is designed to empower every student with Bible-based wisdom that is practical in this modern business era we are in. 

We'll cover topics such as:

  •  Effective prayer for your business. 
  • Leading from Within
  • Understanding the Peace of God
  • The Wisdom Factor 

Ultimately, we desire for every student in this course to be purpose driven and to enjoy the true riches that God has designed for you to have. 

 Join us is this transformative journey as you build a thriving business that honors your faith and leaves a legacy to the next generation. 

Course curriculum

Module 2

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About this course

  • $1,699.00
  • 8 lessons